Comparing Interventions Targeting Collective Action Against Climate Change

Led by Prof. Madalina Vlasceanu, Dr. Kimberly Doell, and Prof. Jay J. Van Bavel

Climate change is one of humanity’s most consequential and challenging problems. Given the solution to this problem is undoubtedly dependent on promoting sustainable behavior (Gifford, Kormos, & McIntyre, 2011), behavioral science is crucial in addressing the climate crisis, through large-scale interventions and policy innovations (Allcott & Mullainathan, 2010). Accordingly, a burgeoning body of research across psychology, sociology, cognitive science, and behavioral science has been investigating intervention strategies aimed at boosting sustainable behaviors (Gifford, Kormos, & McIntyre, 2011; Kastner & Stern, 2015). Here, we are conducting an international randomized control trial testing the effectiveness of the state-of-the-art climate action interventions aimed at stimulating collective climate action, using representative samples collected from around the world (Van Bavel,..,Vlasceanu, et al., 2021). We are collaborating with over 200 researchers, and together we are collecting data from over 75 countries.

Countries from which researchers have pledged to collect data as of January 2022 (in total >70 countries). We are still looking for collaborators who can target the remaining countries (in gray).
Example psychological processes leveraged by the tested climate action interventions.